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Custom Printed Logo Table Cover for Events

What better way to display your brand than a luxurious, colourful custom branded table cover? It is a must have as your booth will look quite empty without it. A nice table cloth immediately ties together your trade show booth, captivates your audience and boosts awareness. When it gets dirty, simply throw the table cover in the washing machine. Our vivid, easy to care for table throws come in a variety of sizes and options. Pair it with a roll up banner and a tension fabric display for maximum effect at your next event! The most common tables are either 4 foot, 6 foot or 8 foot in length. Width being 30 inches and height 29 inches. We carry custom printed table throws for all of these lengths. We also carry table runners that can be draped over any table. When it comes to table covers, you need to pick three things:

  • Length (4 foot, 6 foot or 8 foot)
  • Fit (Normal, fitted, stretched)
  • Sides (3 with open back or 4)

Standard Custom Table Cloth

Our normal custom table cloth is loosely draped over the table so it is super simple to put on and remove. It features heavy duty polyester fabric and is printed in full colour dye sublimation. This means the graphics are applied to the table cover using heat transfer. This table cloth is available in the following lengths: 8′, 6′, 4′. We also offer printing in 3 sides with open back or 4 sides.

Fitted Custom Table Cover

Our fitted table cover is a fits to the dimension of the table. Some prefer this style as a personal due to its tighter, streamlined look. It can be printed on either the same material as our regular table cover or it can be printed on stretch fabric material. This type of table cover is only avaiable in four side printing, so if you are planning to sit at it, it might be a bit difficult. This table cover is available in the following lengths: 8′, 6′, 4′.

Stretch Fit Custom Table Cover

Our stretch table cover is printed on elastic spandex polyester fabric. It is stain and wrinkle resistant. We carry have stretch table toppers as well. This table cover can be either 3 sides or 4 sides. Please confirm your table dimensions before making your selection! This table cover is available in the following lengths: 8′, 6′, 4′.

Custom Table Runners

Our custom print table runners, like our table covers are printed in full colour dye sublimation. These table runners can be either be full back or backless styles and available in the following widths: 2′, 3′, 4′ or 5′. Please confirm your table dimensions before making your selection! 

Why choose Vancouver Trade Show Supply?

We’re local, Vancouver based small business owners that care about our customers! Here at Vancouver Trade Show Supply we aspire to be the one-stop-shop for your next trade show exhibition! We love the hustle and bustle of a large trade show. It makes us proud to know we played a small part in the success of our customers.  We believe that going the extra mile to make everything just a bit more special. So bring us your plan, ideas and visions and let’s turn them into reality together!