Roll Up Banners

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Roll Up Banners

Boldly announce your presence at your next trade show or exhibit. Variously known as roll up banners, retractable banners and pull up banners, they are all the same product. Our roll up banners come with all you need: Stand, banner and carrying case. Let us help you with creating the perfect roll up banner. We offer vinyl banner printing on anti-curl media which can be attached to x frames or put into retractable bases. Depending on the type of base or frame, they can be interior or exterior use. Here at Vancouver Trade Show Supply you will find a variety roll up banner systems to suit your specific needs. All our banner stands come with the hardware, graphics and carrying case. Why not complement your roll up banner with one of our trade show backdrops and custom table covers to complete your exhibit?

Economy Roll Up Banner

Our aluminum roll up banners stands come in a variety of sizes, single or double sided. When you are ready to use it, just pull the artwork from the base, and clip the supporting pole to the top of the art and the base. Then turn the feet perpendicular to the base. When not in use, you can store the entire thing in our roll up banner carrying case, which comes standard with any roll up banner purchase. The case can also be slung over the shoulder for easy carrying. We have floor roll up banners and smaller table top roll up banners.

For floor roll up banners, we carry 77-79″ tall and the below widths:
23.5″, 28″, 33″, 36″, 39″ and 47″

For table top roll up banners, we carry the following sizes:
11.75″ x 16.5″ (single and double sided)
12″ x 18″ and 18″ x 24″ (single sided ONLY)

Premium Retractable Banner

Our premium retractable banner stands are the next step up from the economy version. They have greater durability and stability due to better, larger construction making them better choices for frequent usage and for longer usage time like permanent displays. Like our regular retractable banners, they is super easy to set up and pack up and comes with their own carrying cases.

For our premium retractable banners, we carry 79″ tall, and these widths: 23.5″, 33″, 36″, 39″ and 47″.

Table Top Pull Up Banners

Small banners for tables are great tools for your trade show displays. They are just like pull up banners but in a small format suitable for a tabletop display. Just like our regular retractable banner stands, our retractable table top banners are easy to set up and pack away, and they come with their own carrying cases. For exact sizes and availability, please contact us today!

Pull Up Banner FAQ

Q: How do I set up my pull up banner?

A: There are 4 simple steps set up your pull up banner:

1. Remove the base and pole from the carrying case. 2. Put the base on the ground and turn the feet perpendicular to the base. 3. Assemble the pole and connect the bottom end to the base. 4. Pull up the banner from the base and attach to the top of the pole. Note: Do not force any part and do not step on the stabilising feet at any time during set up.

Q: Will my pull up banner come with a carrying case?

A: Yes, all our pull up banners will come with their individual carrying cases.

Q: Can the pull up banner be used outdoors?

A: Yes, it can be used outdoors, just place them on a flat surface. However, it shouldn’t be used in rainy weather.

Q: What other products work well with the pull up banner?

A: Some other products that work well with pull up banners are: custom printed table cloth and our trade show backdrops.

Q: Any other tips relating to the pull up banner?

A: Don’t overpull the banner beyond it’s height. Exercise caution when retracting the banner back into the base, do it slowly and make sure it goes into the based centred.

Roll Up Banner Design Tips

1. It’s good to use large fonts and images that will make the banner appear legible from a distance.
Use contrasting colours to ensure maximum readability. 

2. Don’t focus on too many messages on your roll up banner, only have a main message and a supplementary message. Include your branding on it as well if it’s important to you. 

3. Make sure you take into account the margins of the printing. Put important content a good distance away from the margin. 

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