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Sandwich board signs, otherwise known as sidewalk signs are must haves for any business. It’s a great option of letting customers walking past know about your business. Some great uses for them are grand openings, products, promotions and demonstrating the personality of your brand. Any business can use sandwich board signs, like restaurants, retail, real estate, services, etc. They are typically very light, durable and versatile. Due to the wide array of graphics you can apply to the sign, the possibilities are endless! If you are having an outdoor event, we carry many other event signage products and outdoor advertising options like feather flags and trade show tents to complete the look.

Metal Sandwich Board Sign

A popular option for sandwich board signs, our double sided sidewalk signs are constructed with rust proof powder coated steel or aluminum. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use in any weather. It takes two rigid sign boards like corrugated plastic, PVC or metal panels. Typically a layer of printed vinyl graphics is applied to the sign board, then loaded into the sandwich board sign. If you need replacement inserts for an existing sandwich board, we are happy to provide that as well. The inserts can take a variety of media such as printed vinyl, chalk, dry erase, cut vinyl, etc. Commonly available sizes are:

  • 18″x24″, 24″x18″, 22″x28″, 24″x32″, 24″x36″, 24″x48″, 32″x48″, 36″x48″

PVC Sandwich Board Sign

Our weather resistant white PVC sandwich board signs are constructed from PVC with plastic edge trim and can be assembled with either 12″ or 16″ hinge handles. Our PVC sidewalk sign is a bit heavier than the metal a frame sign and is thus more stable in outdoor conditions. However, it is not suitable for use in very windy weather. We apply laminated vinyl to each side for the graphics. Thus the graphics are not replaceable. It must be removed or a new layer of graphics must be applied over the old layer. However, Velcro can be used with rigid sign boards to make graphics replaceable. For a more detailed comparison, please scroll to the end of the page and see the FAQ section. Commonly available sizes are: 

  • 18″x24″, 24″x32″, 24″x36″, 24″x48″, 32″x48″, 36″x 48″

Wood Chalkboard Sandwich Board Sign

Great for restaurants, cafes and retail shops, our double sided and attractive chalkboard sandwich boards are great displays to put at the sidewalk entrance of your shop to inform customers of your special offerings. You can use both chalk and dry erase markers on these chalkboards. Recommended for indoor use or covered outdoor use. (Please expect slight colour variations in the finish as this is a natural wood product. Always test erasable markers on an inconspicuous area prior to decorating chalkboard.) These are typically around 23″ x 36″. Please contact us for availability before you order.

Wind Resistant Snap Frame A Frame Sign

Our wind frame sandwich board is an excellent choice for mild to slightly windy weather outdoor and indoor usage. It is double-sided, has a protective film that goes over the inner graphics and a fillable water base. This prevents the poster board from tipping over in the wind. The frame is a snap frame so replacement of graphics is easy. In addition it has built-in wheels for easy mobility. Not recommended for use in excessive windy weather. Commonly available sizes are: 24″ x 34″, graphics area 23″ x 33″. (Please note that appearance and sizes may vary based on manufacturer availability, best to contact us for exact details and availability)

SIGNICADE by PLASTICADE Sandwich Board Signs

The Signicade by Plasticade is North America’s best selling sandwich board sign. The most popular sidewalk sign is the Signicade, which is an all plastic frame, can be internally weighted and holds two signs, 24″ x 36″. It can receive vinyl, metal or corrugated plastic signs in it’s recessed sign area. The sign inserts are changeable but requires tools. A better option is the Signicade Deluxe sandwich board which has the patented Quick-Change tabs that allows inserts to slide in and out making it much easier to change your message. Commonly available sizes are:  

  • 24″ x 36″, multiple colours available
  • Deluxe graphics size: 24 x 36″, insert thickness max. 3/16″, white and black available

Snap Frame Sandwich Board Sign

This aluminum snap frame, weather resistant sandwich board sign is another great option to choose. Unlike metal and PVC sandwich boards, your artwork doesn’t need to be printed on adhesive vinyl but can be printed on poster paper instead. This gives you the option of easily changing your artwork. The snap frame works like poster snap frames, which is easily opened. It also comes with an anti-glare PVC film that goes over your artwork to protect it from the elements. Frame Size: 24½”W x 34½”H
View Size: 22″W x 32″H.

Ready to get started with creating your sandwich board sign? We have them in many different sizes and configurations. For graphic film, we have printed laminated vinyl, cut vinyl, chalk board vinyl, dry erase, and many more different kinds of personalized, custom graphics to make your A frame sign truly unique!

Sandwich Board Sign Q&A

Q: What are some of the differences between Metal-Frame and PVC sidewalk signs?

A: The main differences between the metal frame sandwich board and PVC sandwich board, other than being constructed of different materials, is how easily the graphics can be changed and the overall appearance of the sign. With a metal sandwich board sign, you can easily replace the inserts with new ones. So it’s better for those who like to change their promotions often. The PVC sandwich board has a better and nicer look because it does not have a black frame around the edges. It is also more durable than the metal counterpart. It also gets heavier as the size gets larger compared to a metal frame, so it can withstand the weather better. In terms of cost, the metal sandwich board is less costly than the PVC sandwich board.

Q: What are some good ideas to put on a sandwich board?

A: Some information that is good to put on a sandwich board sign include: menus, special sales, directions to events, grand openings and handwritten promotions.

Q: What are some design tips for sandwich board signs?

A: You should keep your message clear and simple, only having one main message is good. People should get a clear sense of what you are offering within 5 seconds of reading your message. You should also put your brand on it if it’s important to you.

Q: Can I buy just the frame without the inserts and vice versa?

A: Yes, please tell us the exact dimensions of the inserts that will fit your frame.

Q: What are the inserts made of?

A: We use corrugated plastic as the insert substrate as a standard. If you have something else in mind, please let us know, we have other options as well.

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