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Step and Repeat Trade Show Banners

The moniker step and repeat banners comes from a couple sources. One is fact that a celebrity would step in front of this banner to have his/her photo taken, then step down, to have the next person repeat the whole process again. The second refers to the photoshop term used for the process of duplicating an object and spacing. The banner would usually have the sponsorship logos on it in a repeating pattern as well. Nowadays people use the step and repeat banner for a variety of promotions such as exhibits and in trade show booths. Step and repeat is a generic term that can refer to almost any kind of banner that can be set up repeatedly, like our tension fabric displays.

Step and Repeat Banner

You can see the step and repeat banner often at red carpet events like film premieres. You can also you use the step and repeat banner at any promotional event, giving you a good value for your money. The good thing about these banners is that they are cost effective for large backdrops and the graphics can also be replaced easily, as they are just typically vinyl banners. The banner has pole pockets along the top and bottom edge, which allows you to slide the banner into the top and bottom pole of the banner frame. The step and repeat banner is a great choice for event organizers that have different sponsors for each event. Each of our banners comes with its own carrying bag for easy transportation. Our most popular sizes for this type of step and repeat banner are 8′ x 8′ or 8′ x 10′. 

Tension Fabric Step and Repeat Banner

This is another very popular choice for step and repeat banners. This banner uses dye-sublimination (heat transfer printing) to a stretch fabric media. The printing can be done either single sided or double sided. The frame is assembled from aluminum tubing that is marked at each end for easy set up. The graphics which is like a pillow case is then pulled over the top of the frame, slid down and zipped across at the bottom. The result is a seamless taught look that is exactly what you want in a step and repeat banner. After set up, you would only be able to see the supporting feet at the bottom and none of the frame structure. Our most popular sizes for this type of step and repeat banner are: 8’W x 8″H, 10’W x 8′ H, 20’W x 8’T. For large walls, you can place them side by side. 

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