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We Carry a Variety of Custom Trade Show Backdrops

A well designed and sized trade show backdrop is your biggest piece of display real estate in your exhibit. So to have a successful marketing program at your next trade show it’s imperative that this asset is used to its potential. We understand that each client has unique needs and preferences, so we carry a wide variety of sizes and styles in the category of backdrops. They are all a bit different in construction but all are simple and easy to set up, most of the time only one person is required to assemble and disassemble all our backdrops! In addition, each of them comes in it’s own container or bag, some with carrying wheels for easy transportation.

Tension Fabric Trade Show Backdrops

Make a BIG splash with your clients with our vibrant and large trade show backdrops! With complete toolless (or tool included) set-up, these backdrops can be assembled in minutes. The frame is made from aluminum tubing that are marked for easy assembly, the graphics then slide over the frame and zip close at the bottom, creating a taught, smooth look. Due to its structure it is a practical option for very long, continuous backdrops. These backdrops are a staple in the Vancouver trade show scene. Check out more information about our fabric backdrops

Step and Repeat Backdrops

This backdrop is a classic marketing tool that stretches back decades in Hollywood! Well Vancouver is known as Hollywood north after all! It has as an adjustable size frame. The graphics are then placed onto the frame, creating a nice backdrop. Although it doesn’t look as good as the other options, some prefer this type of trade show backdrop due to it’s lower cost and ease of use. Check out more information about our step and repeat backdrops.

Pop Up Trade Show Displays

This backdrop literally expands like a slinky to its full size. When you’re done with it, the full size backdrop shrinks down to its it’s folded size, fitting nicely into the carrying case. You don’t even have to take the graphics off! This is probably the fastest backdrop to set up and take down. It’s optional to have the two side graphic panels but we recommend it. Check out more information about our pop up backdrops.

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG) Show Backdrops

The silicone edge graphics, also known as SEG, backdrop is a great option for those who switchs out graphics often. The graphics on this backdrop is lined with a strip of silicone that is sewn into the edge, which is then inserted into the slot along the edge of the frame. So it is simple and cost effective to have a graphics changeover. We can make it in virtually any size as well as either single or double sided. It can be mounted to a wall or even used as a freestanding floor display in any indoor environment. Many people opt to have LED lighting inside the frame as well which makes a very outstanding trade show backdrop for passersby. You can see many of these SEG backdrops in the malls around Vancouver!

Why choose Vancouver Trade Show Supply?

We’re local, Vancouver based small business owners that care about our customers! Here at Vancouver Trade Show Supply we aspire to be the one-stop-shop for your next trade show exhibition! We love the hustle and bustle of a large trade show. It makes us proud to know we played a small part in the success of our customers.  We believe that going the extra mile to make everything just a bit more special. So bring us your plan, ideas and visions and let’s turn them into reality together!