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The City of Surrey is one of the fastest growing cities in British Columbia. It is BC’s second largest city after Vancouver. Naturally, businesses are setting up shop in this fast growing city and it is a great place for conventions and fairs. Attractions wise, it is home to the Surrey Art Gallery, the second largest public art museum in the Metro Vancouver Region. It also hosts the WinterFest, each year attracting about 15,000 people, the perfect place to set up your next outdoor event booth!

Your trade show booth or kiosk is a direct reflection of the confidence you have in your brand. Wouldn’t it be nice to show your brand to the world with the confidence that only a well designed, well appointed exhibition booth can provide? We at Vancouver Trade Show Supply are the preferred experts in Surrey for convention goers. To have a successful event, you need to have attention grabbing visual elements. A large pop up backdrop will work as will an illuminated display and well placed retractable banners. Having a wonderful display system does not have to be expensive, as we carry a range of event signage products that cater to every budget. Having extensive experience in outfitting exhibit booths, we know how you can get the best solution for your budget. This day is all about you and your customers, and we can help you connect with them with the very best advertising tools.

Affordable Pull Up Banners in Surrey

You’ve come to the right place for retractable banners! We have extensive experience in helping our customers in Surrey to pick the right type and size of retractable banner for their special event. These banners are also known as pull up, roll up and pop up banners. They are a staple of the trade show circuit because they are so versatile, easy to set up and maintain and well as being portable. We specialise in these banners and carry several different types of bases to suit your individual needs. For the no frills banner buyer, we have the standard retractable banner that is approx. 33” x 80” tall. They have fold out legs to help them stand up. For the more discerning buyer, we have the premium and deluxe versions of the banner base which feature better looking, heavier construction and other benefits such as a more pleasing, smooth appearance as well as the ability to stand up without the use of stabilising legs. No matter which version of the stand up banner base you choose you can be assured that they all come with beautiful printed artwork (as long as good files are provided to us). Our vertical banners all come with the necessary hardware for you to use. This includes artwork preinstalled in the stand, the stand itself, the pole as well as a great carrying case to protect your retractable banner when not in use. Our customers trust our retractable banners to perform in a variety of venues such as trade shows, conferences as well as special sales.

Affordable Custom Flag Banners in Surrey

The ubiquitous advertising flag banner is a staple of the signage industry. If you are looking for this time tested way to get your message across to your customers, you’ve come to the right place. Having supplied countless businesses in Surrey with custom flag banners, we daresay the experience has made us somewhat of an expert in this area. So we carry many types of styles and sizes of advertising flags to suit each of our clients. From the popular feather flag to the teardrop flag, we’ve got you covered with high quality, wind resistant custom flags for your next sale, grand opening, trade show or any other type of event both indoors and outdoors. Size wise, we have the full gamut of options anywhere from 7’ up to 16’. Also, no matter where you decide to plant your flag, we have bases to make sure it stays there, including x bases, weighted water bases, spikes and other types. Easy set up, take down, transport and store, discover why so many of our clients love their flag banners!

Affordable Custom Flag Banners in Surrey

One of the best ways to create an enticing display at your next trade show or convention is to use a large backdrop banner to grab the attention of your customers from far away. Due to the size of these backdrops, they literally communicate across the room. It is a great way to announce your brand and presence above those of the competition. We love how a nice graphic logo backdrop can tie a trade show kiosk together nicely. I’m sure you’ve seen them at trade shows in Surrey and was impressed by how they look. Why not put the same tool to use for your brand at your next event? If you’re thinking that it might be too expensive, we at Vancouver Trade Show Supply got you covered with a wide variety of backdrop walls to suit your particular budget. All of our backdrop displays come with full bright colour printing to draw in your customers as well as sturdy, high quality hardware that will stand the test of time. They also come with their own carrying cases to follow you wherever your adventures may lead you.

Affordable Custom Table Cover in Surrey

You probably already know that table space is primary real estate in a trade show booth. A well appointed table is the perfect way to showcase your brand and upon which you can place your giveaway merch, brochures, cards or other types of displays like small roll up banners. We have helped countless exhibitors in Surrey with choosing the best table cover for their situation. Whether you are looking for a simple logo table cloth or a colourful, full print table cover, we’ve got you covered (no pun intended)! We carry table covers in a variety of sizes including 4’, 6’ and 8’. As for style, we can offer you the simple draped over the table version, the modern fitted look or the taught and curved look of the fitted table throw. No matter which you choose you will be happy with the high quality, easy to maintain fabric and the bright colours of your artwork that will serve you well in your marketing efforts for years to come!

Affordable Custom Step and Repeat Backdrops in Surrey

You see these step and repeat banners at red carpet events everywhere. This is for good reason, sponsors of those events want to be affiliated with the famous people walking across them having their photos taken. These backdrops may also be the perfect tool for you to be known to your potential customers. Our clients in Surrey have used them to great success in their marketing efforts at trade shows, conferences and other events. We carry the whole range of hardware to satisfy your advertising needs and budget.

Affordable Custom Canopy Tents in Surrey

For those that are looking for something that is guaranteed to generate buzz at the next trade show or exhibition event, there’s no better option than our custom print canopy tents. Our large, beautifully printed canopy tents are here to help you with your marketing efforts in a big way. Having a quality display tent will enhance the value of your brand in the eyes of your customers, a fact known by many of our clients in Surrey. There are no colour limits that can be printed on your custom logo tent, the only limit is your imagination! Not only beautiful, they are also practical and easy to set up. Only one person is needed for tent set up and take down. We also offer many accessories such as those that make your tent more stable on rough surfaces or windy weather, such as different types of bases. Also consider maximising your advertising real estate by having a backdrop banner that attaches to the frame of the tent as well as side walls that your customers can see which sets part and enhances your brand compared to your competitors. After your show, your tent simply folds into a nice package that you can then place inside the carrying case that comes with each of our trade show tents.

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