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Custom Printed Ceiling Banners

Hanging banners are fantastic in terms of visibility. No matter where your customers are on the trade show floor, they can quickly identify your space by looking at your ceiling suspended banner. At Vancouver Trade Show Supply, our ceiling banners come with full print graphics that will increase exposure for your brand at any store, trade show, expo or event. They are high impact, highly visible and attention grabbing, certainly to increase the return on investment of your trade show. Make sure you design your banner with large graphics and text that can be read within a good distance from the banner.

Suspended Ceiling Banners

Our hanging displays are available in general shapes of circle, triangle and rectangle. There are also sub-variations within those as well. In addition, these overhead signs come in many different sizes. Do you have a certain type that you prefer? If so, we encourage you to get in touch with us to find the perfect one for you. Our hanging signs feature tool-less set up and no additional tools or accessories are needed to suspend them on the ceiling, everything comes in the box!

Each includes:

  • Extruded aluminum sign frame with stabilizers
  • Travel bag
  • Full print graphics
  • Cables, chains, hooks and tighteners.

Why choose Vancouver Trade Show Supply?

We’re local, Vancouver based small business owners that care about our customers! Here at Vancouver Trade Show Supply we aspire to be the one-stop-shop for your next trade show exhibition! We love the hustle and bustle of a large trade show. It makes us proud to know we played a small part in the success of our customers.  We believe that going the extra mile to make everything just a bit more special. So bring us your plan, ideas and visions and let’s turn them into reality together!