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Thanks for coming by! If you’re local to Burnaby, you already know it’s a wonderful city to host and attend events in. The third largest city by population size in British Columbia, it’s home to the main campus of Simon Fraser University a well known post secondary institution in Canada, Electronic Arts, as well as the largest shopping mall in British Columbia, Metrotown Mall. If you are interested in displays for trade shows and other event signage, you are in the right place. We have many types and sizes of trade show booth displays, e.g. portable signage and other custom event and conference signage to help you succeed in your marketing efforts at your next event.

If you are looking for signage and trade show displays displays for your next trade show or event in Burnaby, then you are in the right place. Are you ready to stand out with beautiful, well made displays that convey your message across to your intended audience? We at Vancouver Trade Show Supply are here to help you cut through the noise and competition. Think about the location of your booth and how a large backdrop and a well designed table cloth can help give your convention kiosk a more professional and inviting style. Also think about coordination of the various elements of your trade show displays and advertisements, right down to your sales material and the attire of your trade show representatives. As veterans in the industry, we are here to help you along the way to getting the most return on investment.

Retractable Banners in Burnaby

One simple and effective way to display your branding message is through that classic staple of event signage: The retractable banner. It is also known as a standing banner, pull up banner and roll up banner. We have high quality printing on anti-curl vinyl banner material to help you showcase your art in the best possible way. These roll up banners will retract into their lightweight and durable aluminum bases when not in use to protect your artwork. These tall banners (up to 80 inches in height) are made to grab the attention of your customers passing by. Set up is simple even a caveman can do it! It takes less than one minute to set up and it rolls up nicely into the sturdy base when you want to put it away. Each artwork is printed in stunning detail and clarity (artwork permitting). Our customers in Burnaby tend to use these pull up banners extensively in corporate events, trade shows and outdoor venues. When you order a retractable banner from us you will get the artwork pre-installed in the banner base as well as the carrying case. We also have double sided banners so as to double the amount of attention that you can attract with one banner

Flag Banners in Burnaby

Advertising flags! We see them everywhere and we always notice them. That means only one thing, flag banners work. These feather flags carry your message quite literally across the wind. They are used everywhere outdoors and are a staple in the outdoor exhibition scene. The reason is that they can be made to be very large, up to 16’ in height and they are also super economical. It’s easy to see why advertising flags are so popular. We have printed so many flags that we’ve lost count. Customers across Burnaby come to use it to get their logos and branding printed on flags of varying sizes and shapes. There are teardrop flag signs, swooper flags, feather flag banners and blade flag signs. No matter what your occasion, there is a right flag banner for you to grab the attention of your customers.

Trade Show Backdrops in Burnaby

What better way to get ahead of the noise at your next event than a generous and colourful customised trade show backdrop! Our backdrop banners are the perfect way to showcase your brand and message to thousands of potential customers. They are easy to use, set up, take down and maintain. We have many different types and sizes of backdrops for your next exhibition in Burnaby. One of our favourites is the fabric pop up backdrop that features a frame that expands to 8’ tall and that can serve as your backdrop banner wall. The vibrant fabric print of our custom logo backdrops is sure to draw in those walking past. If you are looking for a main advertising display for your next trade show, event or exhibition, you can’t go wrong with one of our straight or curved backdrop walls.

Custom Table Throws in Burnaby

It may seem obvious, but if you’re going to be sitting at a table at your next exhibition or trade show in Burnaby, you’re going to need a table cover. A customised table cloth is a must have for any exhibition. Make yourself known with this economical, simple and attention grabbing trade show display accessory. We carry a range of custom print table cloths to fit your needs. They come in sizes of 4’, 6’ and 8’. There are multiple styles as well. You can choose from a simple table banner draped over your table or a more fitted and clean look such as a stretch style trade show table cloth or a fitted version. Maintaining and cleaning your table cover is a breeze as well, simply place them in the wash but do pay attention to some special requirements just like normal clothing.

Step and Repeat Banners in Burnaby

The step and repeat banner is what you see celebrities pose in front of for photo shoots. While called step and repeat banners, they are just a type of graphic backdrop. Depending on the type of construction, they can be very effective and budget friendly when it comes to advertising. The most cost effective version uses telescopic poles that you slide banners with pole pockets into. The banners themselves can be either fabric or vinyl. If you are going to use them as the backdrop for photography, it is recommended to go with the more costly fabric banner because they absorb the flashing camera lights and not reflect them.

Canopy Tents in Burnaby

If you are exhibiting outdoors in Burnaby, a custom canopy event tent is really a must have. It not only protects your brand representatives and visitors from the elements but also projects a very professional look and showcases your brand in a great light. We see these canopy tents in many different types of outdoor events such as markets, street fairs, food stands and weddings. They are very versatile and durable for almost any application. A nice, bright and branded canopy tent is very effective in setting your brand presence apart from a regular white or black unbranded tent. Visitors can see who you are from very far away and will be more likely to come visit you. We carry a wide range of sizes of canopy tents to suit your space, from small 5’ tents to very large tents up to 20’ in size.

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