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The City of Langley is a city in Metro Vancouver, it is beside the Cloverdale area of Surrey and surrounded by the Township of Langley. It is home to a variety of activities such as Alder Alley Bowling and historical sites nearby are Aldergrove Heritage Society and Fort Langley.

Do you want to be the star of the show at your next trade event? If so you’ve come to the right place. Here at Vancouver Trade Show Supply we carry a whole range of trade show displays and signage to make your next exhibition one to remember. We design and produce custom display solutions catered to your individual needs and budget. From retractable banners to flags and table displays, we consult with you in detail to make sure you choose the best signage options for your situation. We can help you show off your brand with the confidence that a well designed and appointed trade show booth can provide. Attract your ideal customers with the beautifully printed trade show displays custom made for you. 

Great Looking Pull Up Banners in Langley

If you are looking for signage for trade shows and other events, you can’t go wrong with a retractable banner. You may also have heard these being referred to as standing banners, pull up banners or roll up banners. No matter what they are called, they all do the same thing. When you buy a roll up banner from Vancouver Trade Show Supply, you are getting the full package: The full colour print banner on non curl banner material, the sturdy aluminium base, the banner pole and the convenient carrying case that will protect your banner from damage when not in use at your event. Our clients in Langley have great success using these banners in all types of events including trade shows, outdoor fairs, expos and all types of promotions. The size of these vertical banners are typically 33” by approximately 80”. However they come in other sizes as well including wider as well as shorter sizes, since some of them have telescopic poles. No matter what your requirements are, our retractable banners are very versatile options for you to display your brand message in an effective way to your desired audience. We have several types of bases to offer, each a bit different in terms of construction and look. The most popular one is the standard version. Upgrading from that are the premium and deluxe versions that look better and are better in quality. However all of our standing banners are built to withstand the test of time.

Great Looking Advertising Flags in Langley

We see advertising flags pretty much anywhere on the main roads. It’s for the simple reason that they are an effective means of advertisement. Here at Vancouver Trade Show Supply, we can provide for you many options when it comes to flag banners. Advertising flags are popular because they are very cost effective. The design and construction are very simple. The graphics are printed onto durable polyester fabric and they have pockets for the flexible flag poles to fit into. These flags are made to work in fairly strong winds as well. They come with durable bases that make sure the flags are steady on a wide variety of surfaces. When the flag banners are swaying in the wind they can be very eye-catching. We carry a variety of shapes and sizes of flags to help you carry your message across. Some of the styles we have are feather flags, teardrop flags, swooper and rectangle styles. Be sure to contact us to see which one is right for you.

Trade Show Backdrops in Langley

Whatever you do, don’t forget what a nice, well designed and beautifully printed customised backdrop banner can do for your brand at your next trade show event. These large commanding displays are used extensively by our customers in Langley as a major way to connect their brand and message with their customers at exhibitions and special events. These large banner displays don’t have to be expensive. We have a range of products, sizes and accessories that can accommodate budgets large and small. All of our backdrops are sturdily made using premium materials so that you can use them over and over again for your events. If you want to change your artwork, that is possible as well with our backdrops to keep the costs even lower. One of our most popular options for a backdrop display is our tension fabric backdrop, this backdrop features an aluminium tube frame that snaps together to form a frame that you can then slide over the printed fabric case over, leading to a nice, taught look for your display graphics. All of our backdrops come with all the necessary hardware, including the graphics, frame and a sturdy carrying case for easy storage and transportation.

Printed Table Cloth in Langley

Do you want to create an outstanding display for your next trade show event in Langley? One essential element to a complete and great display booth is the printed table cloth. A personalised table cloth immediately dresses up flat or folding tables and is one of the best ways to create a professional look. Our premium custom print table cloths are here to help you present your brand in the best light. You can choose from 3 sided (open back for easy storage) or 4 sided printing. As for size, you should make sure of the size of your table before you make an order but we carry tablecloths in several different sizes, including 4’, 6’ and 8’. You can choose from various styles as well such as the loosely draped over the table style, fitted style and stretch fabric style. No matter which one you choose you can be sure you are getting the best full print, high quality dye sublimation fabric on the market. As for complementary signage, we have table runners as well as various banners that you can place on top of your table to complete the look.

Great Looking Step and Repeat Media Walls in Langley

If you are looking to raise brand awareness, a custom step and repeat banner can be the right tool for the job. Because they can be made very large, you can put a lot of information on it and communicate your message to your potential customer at your next red carpet event. We carry several different types of step and repeat banners. The frames are either telescopic, aluminium frame or pop up. Each has its own advantages and prices. We encourage you to contact us to find the right kind of step and repeat banners for your next event.

Great Looking Pop Up Canopy Tent in Langley

At your next trade show or outdoor exhibition event, we highly encourage you to explore what one of our custom printed canopy tents can do for your marketing efforts. Not only are they inviting and attractive, they protect your representatives and your visitors from the elements. Our UV resistant fabric is printed with a dye sublimation process, ensuring long lasting and bright colours are always cheering for your brand. Show your visitors your generosity by having your best wares under a custom print pop up tent that spans up to 20’ long. Though they can seem big, our canopy tents are super simple and easy to install and set up no matter what kind of surface you place them on. Even in rough weather, we have the accessories you need to make sure that your tent is as solid as your brand, like stakes and weighted bases. If you’ve gone to any outdoor fairs, you already know how effective a custom branded tent, along with other signage that complements each other, such as flag banners and table banners can be in attracting your attention. Why not get one of our premium, beautiful and durable canopy tents working for you at your next show, like so many of our clients in Langley have already done?

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