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North Vancouver is a waterfront municipality on the north shore of Burrard Inlet. It’s across the water from Vancouver. It is a major city for the shipping, chemical and film production industries. It is surrounded by the District of North Vancouver, an area much larger than itself.

Welcome to Vancouver Trade Show Supply. We are experts in outfitting trade show booths with eye-catching and memorable displays. As an event exhibitor, think about what makes a booth or kiosk attractive. From the placement of signage to the interplay of colours and artwork, it all comes together to create an experience that cannot be ignored. Your display booth is a direct reflection of the attention you spend on your brand. A meek and unstructured presence does not inspire confidence in your potential customers. Especially in an environment that is loud and colourful, it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Having attended and supplied many types of signage and displays for events and conventions, we have the experience to say what works and what doesn’t in trade show advertising. Our trade show products are beautifully, durable and yet surprisingly affordable, making us the preferred supplier of trade show displays in North Vancouver.

Retractable Banner Supplier in North Vancouver

The classic goto for exhibition and trade show signage is our beautiful retractable banner. There is a reason why these banners, also known as roll up banners and stand up banners are a much loved staple of the event signage business. They are cost effective, easy to set up and portable. Our roll up banners come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your personal preferences and your marketing message. No matter what your purpose, whether it is an upcoming trade show, an outdoor exhibit (we looooove those!) or a special holiday sale, you can count on our retractable banners to accomplish your goals. We have different sizes of vertical banners to satisfy the advertising needs of our clients in North Vancouver. The common size of these banners are 33” x approx. 80”. However we do carry other sizes for these banners, including shorter ones as well as wider ones. As for style, there are multiple types of roll up banner stands that differ in terms of appearance and construction. While all our banner bases are well built, there are some benefits to be had in upgrading your retractable banner base from standard to premium and deluxe. These include better appearance in the form of chrome trims and smoother, rounded shapes, to the ability to self stabilise without the need for stabilising legs as well as telescopic poles. We encourage you to contact our sales team for any specific requirements that you have about our retractable banners.

Advertising Flag Supplier in North Vancouver

Our custom printed flag banners are very popular with our customers in North Vancouver. These advertising flags are perfect as stand alone signage or complementary to other outdoor signage such as a-frame signs and outdoor tents. Durable and beautiful, they are the ideal choice for getting your name out there no matter what the weather conditions may bring. Installation is a snap and only one person is required to set up the flag banner. We use high quality and heavy duty polyester fabric to print our flags to make sure they stand up to the elements. As for sizes, they come in anywhere from approx. 7’ all the way up to 16’. All of our flag signs come with their own carry cases, making storage and transportation easy. There is plenty of choice as well when it comes to the style of flag. The most common flag styles we carry are: Swooper, feather, blade and teardrop styles. We are sure to have the perfect size and style of flag banner for you!

Graphic logo backdrops in North Vancouver

Do you know one of the best ways to generate traffic to your trade show booth? Yes, your representatives must be friendly and inviting and some free giveaways don’t hurt, but what if your potential customers are far from your table? What can make them want to come over and have a look? Short of outfitting your trade show booth with girls in bikinis (which isn’t helpful in a swimwear trade show) the best way is to have a large trade show backdrop that can communicate to your customers from across the room. The good news is that we at Vancouver Trade Show Supply are specialists in outfitting our customers in North Vancouver with the best trade show backdrops this side of the Mississippi River. No matter what your booth size, we have you covered with our extensive range of sizes and styles to help you achieve the image that you want to present. Set the bar higher at your next event or exhibition with one of our beautifully printed and easy to use trade show backdrops.

Printed Table Throw in North Vancouver

Create an attractive and professional display with one of our trade show table covers. A favourite amongst our clients in North Vancouver, these professional looking and beautiful table covers will really tie your exhibit together. Since this is where your representatives will sit, having a beautiful trade show table treatment will reflect very well on your brand and representatives. We have all types of custom printed tablecloths to suit your needs. We have the three sided print version where you can store items under the table easily as well as different looks such as the loosely draped version, the modern fitted version and the artistic and shapely stretched version. These fully customisable table covers are an essential component of your exhibition booth. Don’t forget other complementary signage as well such as our table top retractable banners and pop up displays.

Step and Repeat Banner Supplier in North Vancouver

The classic step and repeat banner are used by many businesses looking for a cost effective way to maximise their advertising real estate. We are here to help you choose the best type of step and repeat banner that satisfies both your needs and your budget. These backdrops feature full colour print on either durable vinyl media or fabric material. Easy to set up and take down, they are the perfect choice for getting your message across to a large audience.

Printed Canopy Tents Supplier in North Vancouver

At your next outdoor event, you need equipment that will protect you and your visitors from the elements whether it be sun or rain. There are pop up tents available for cheap anywhere, but when was the last time that you wanted to go visit a trade show vendor with a drab white or black tent? Which is more attractive to you: A plain white tent or a custom branded, bright colourful tent with full printed skirts that tell you what you are about to experience? That’s why anyone that is serious about marketing and branding needs to have a custom printed trade show tent to maximise their presence and command the attention of potential customers. Put a well designed and constructed custom tent to work for you in your next outdoor event and you will realise what a wise investment it is. Our heavy duty tents are made to last with aircraft grade aluminium frames that expand easily when you want to set it up. It’s very simple that a single person can install a tent in minutes. When you are done, your canopy tent folds up nicely into a compact package that you can place in the included carrying case. Don’t forget to add complementary signs such as flag banners and custom print table covers to complete your exhibit!

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