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Outdoor trade shows and events are great ways to meet many people at once. They are much more accessible and festive than indoor events. People go with friends and family to outdoor fairs and for this reason it’s a great opportunity to for vendors like retailers and food brands to connect with their audience.

It’s a good idea to choose bright colours for outdoor displays and banner stands. Flags are a great idea because they can be made very tall, attracting attention from farther away and they move in the wind which is also very appealing.

Make sure you choose displays and signage that is weather resistant and built to withstand the elements. Consider the traffic flow of your immediate surroundings and choose signs and place them for maximum visibility.

When it comes to outdoor signage and displays there are primarily four categories: banner stands, outdoor flag stands, outdoor a-frame or sidewalk signs and tents. Please see below for a brief description of each as well as links to their respective product pages.

Outdoor Printed Tents

Custom printed tents are often must haves in your outdoor signage repertoire, they look inviting to your customers and protects your wares and representatives from the elements. We have many different sizes of tents available, for more information, please go to our outdoor tents page for more information.

Outdoor Pop Up Banners

Our retractable banners are great for outdoor use, just not in rainy or very windy weather. They come in a variety of sizes and style, please visit the dedicated pop up banner page for more information on our pop up displays.

Outdoor Flag Stands

Our outdoor flag stands are perfect for any type of weather. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on where you are having your show, they come with a variety of bases that will allow safe placement on the ground or in grass. For more information, please visit our outdoor flags page.

Outdoor A Frame Signs

These A Frame signs and sidewalk signs are the favourite when it comes to outdoor advertising. We have metal, PVC, wood as well as other types that are wind and weather resistant. For more information, please visit our a frame sign page.

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