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Coquitlam is a city of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. The 6th largest city in the province of BC, it was first known to be inhabited by the Coast Salish people. It’s inhabitants love the fact that the city has a considerable number of green spaces including parks. A significant number of TV and movies have been partly or completely filmed in Coquitlam in recent years. 

If you’ve ever attended a trade show (and we know you have!), what makes your head turn as you pass by an exhibit booth? Is it the bright colours? Is it that generous, bright backdrop that pops with colour? Or is it the smiling faces of the exhibitors inviting you in for a conversation? Having been chosen by our client in Coquitlam numerous times, we earned the experience to know what works for a successful trade show experience. By choosing Vancouver Trade Show Supply you are choosing a veteran in the trade show industry. From beautifully printed pop up displays to attention grabbing flag banners, we know how to showcase your event with the appropriate signage.

Beautiful Pop Up Banners in Coquitlam

The retractable banner is the most popular option for trade shows and exhibits. Other names for the retractable banners include the pull up banner, pop up banner and roll up banner. No matter what you call them, they are all the same, with the artwork being pulled out of the base when you want to set it up for your expo and then retracts back into the base when you are finished with your show. In terms of size the most common size for our vertical banners is 33” x approx. 80”. It’s easy even for one person to set up and take down the display. When the banner is retracted, you can put it in the protective carrying case which comes included with every retractable banner. Our customers in Coquitlam are using these versatile and attractive displays in a variety of places such as industry trade shows, special conferences, retail promotions and vendor expos. For printing media, we recommend the 13oz anti curl scrim banner material which is a very durable vinyl print media. By buying your retractable banner from Vancouver Trade Show Supply, you are getting the entire package: The full colour, vibrant banner, the base, the pole and the carrying case. We also offer three different types of retractable bases to suit your individual needs, the standard version, the premium version and the deluxe version. Our deluxe version even offers the option of double sided printing.

Beautiful Feather Flags in Coquitlam

If you are looking for feather flag banners, then you’ve come to the right place. We carry a whole range of shapes, sizes as well as accessories for this popular and cost effective signage solution. The reason why advertising flags are so popular in Coquitlam is because they are one of the only cost effective, large and durable signage options that works well outdoors. Hence we see them everywhere. We at Vancouver Trade Show Supply are experts in custom feather flag printing. Our flag signs are easy to design for, easy to use and easy to maintain. If you are thinking of having a promotion outdoors, we can’t recommend our flags enough. They are vibrant, large and literally carry your message across the wind! We can print your flag with custom graphics on polyester fabric, either single sided or double sided with a block out layer in between, which is the most common option.

Customised Backdrop Banners in Coquitlam

Do you want to gain instant exposure and attention at your next trade show event? If so, a large, generous and colourful trade show display in the form of a graphic backdrop is probably your best option. These large wall displays can really turn an event booth from drab to wow in an instant. Command the visual real estate of your customers with a customised, well made and beautifully printed backdrop banner that ties your entire show together. Our customers in Coquitlam use these logo graphic backdrops to set the mood and expectations of their customers by communicating their message in a grander style and manner compared to their neighbouring kiosks. As for style, we have a myriad of them to satisfy your needs and budget. For example, we have our tube frame tension fabric backdrops that can be as wide as 30 ft. Of course there is also the customer favourite pop up banners that expands to 8 ft. tall. All of our backdrops are sturdily made with aluminium and steel components engineered to withstand repeated usage, making sure you get the best ROI on your advertising dollar. 

Printed Table Cover in Coquitlam

I don’t know if any of our clients in Coquitlam would ever exhibit at an indoor or outdoor event without a nice customised table cloth for their booth. It is a must have for any exhibitor, at any event that involves a folding table. Luckily, we have you covered here. At Vancouver Trade Show Supply, you can find a range of custom printed tablecloths ready to make your event shine with beautifully printed artwork. We have different sizes of logo table cloths from 4’ to 8’. Our smooth, dye sublimation print table covers come in several styles as well. You can choose from either the class draped over the table style, the fitted style or the stretch fabric style where each corner of the tablecloth is hooked onto each leg of the table. While you are shopping for table covers, don’t forget to think about what goes on the table too! We have a range of on-table displays like small pop up banners and small retractable banners to maximise your display area even further. 

Beautiful Step and Repeat Backdrops in Coquitlam

You often see step and repeat banners on red carpets or special events where the backdrop stretches for long distances. These are typically printed with sponsor logos and serve as the photographic backdrop. They can also be used to great effect as advertising displays at special events such as trade shows and exhibits. We here at Vancouver Trade Show Supply have several different types of step and repeat banners and backdrops to suit your particular situation and budget. The graphics of these banners are full print vinyl banners as well as fabric, which you can choose from. Depending on the type of construction, they can be very cost effective means of advertising.

Beautiful Custom Printed Pop Up Tents in Coquitlam

Having a custom tent is a sure way to make yourself known to your customers at your next trade show event. Our customers in Coquitlam use our 10’ x 10’ pop up tent extensively at their outdoor events such as fairs, food festivals and outdoor exhibitions. We also carry other sizes of branded tents up to 20’, ensuring that you are getting the most out of your exhibit space. The frame of our canopy tent is constructed with heavy duty aluminium to ensure they last through the years. The frame of the tent expands easily when you take it out of the carrying case, which is included with every tent that you get. The legs then expand and lock with a simple mechanism and it only takes one person to set up a 10’ x 10’ tent. Though the tent may look large, take down and storage of our canopy tent is also very easy and simple with only one person required to complete the process. Vivid colour dye sublimation printing is standard on our canopy tents ensuring that you always have an eye-catching display as an ally in your trade fair conquests! 

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